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For all your vinyl siding needs in any part of Utah, the pros at The Gutter Works can’t wait to assist you. From installation of these high-quality siding materials to repairs and maintenance, we provide customers with the level of service they deserve.

Our professional siding services are available 24/7 for customers in all areas of Utah including Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, Orem and beyond. Contact us today or get a free quote by filling out our online contact form here. We look forward to working with you!

Utah's Best Siding Professionals

Whether you’re looking for vinyl siding installation, repairs or upkeep, The Gutter Works has you covered. Our team of experts has over 35 years of cumulative experience helping customers just like you.

We’re experts in several varieties of vinyl siding, plus several other materials as well. We’re also fully licensed and insured, and we always offer competitive pricing.

We even offer upgrades! These can include additional insulation and coatings for added protection against the elements. Don’t compromise when it comes to protecting your Utah home: Go with a siding material that will hold up and provide lasting beauty!

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Vinyl Siding Services

We’re happy to offer a comprehensive range of vinyl siding services to all our Utah clients, including each of the following:

Vinyl siding installation For any home, building or structure in need of new siding. Whether you're looking to cover the exterior of your home's entire frame, or simply replace a few rotted boards along the front porch, we can help with installation service. Our pros take pride in their work and always provide an exceptional vinyl siding experience, starting with a consultation and price estimate.
Vinyl siding repair Cracks, dents and other minor damage are all too common in short-term exposure to weather conditions. We're happy to provide repairs on any type of vinyl siding or trim surface. Our team has extensive experience working with both vinyl installation, replacement boards and accessories.
Vinyl siding upkeep and maintenance Furthermore, we offer yearly inspections and tune-ups to ensure our clients' siding is performing up to par. This service includes a safety check and free estimate, plus any necessary repairs that may be needed at the time of inspection.

Major Property Value Increases

For many of our clients, one of the top benefits of working with our vinyl siding experts is the extremely positive impact on their property value. How does owning a home with modern siding affect potential buyers?

In most cases, it increases the asking price! In fact, studies have shown that homes which have had vinyl siding installed can often bring in as much as 10% more than those without. Other factors play a role of course, but the biggest impact is in the perceived value of a property.

For more on our vinyl siding installation and repair services in Utah, speak to the pros at The Gutter Works today.

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